Logrus has separated into two different companies,
Logrus Global and Logrus IT,
which now operate completely independently.

Logrus IT
Logrus Global
Logrus received an award from Microsoft for the successful localization of Windows 8.1.
Logrus received an award for the design and development of innovative solutions and services based on Microsoft technologies. 2010-2011
Logrus received the Custom Development Solution Partner Award from Microsoft
Logrus was recognised by Microsoft for its outstanding contribution to the release of Windows 7 and Office 2010
Logrus became a Microsoft Certified Partner in 2008-2009
Logrus became a Microsoft Certified Partner in 2008-2009
Logrus received two Localization Partner Awards from Microsoft in 1995 and 1997
Logrus was recognised by Microsoft for its outstanding contribution to the release of Windows Vista and Office 2007 in the Kazakh and Nynorsk (New Norwegian) languages
In 2002, Logrus received the IBM award for engineering services
About Us
Logrus is an independent supplier of a full range of localization services, with unique experience in the technical field. We specialize in large and technically complex projects with tight completion deadlines that require unique technical knowledge, professional management, professional qualifications and scalability of resources.
  • Twenty years in the localization market
  • Offices in 6 countries
  • More than 500 million translated words
  • More than 40 thousand completed projects
  • An experienced team of engineers and testers
Multilingual Translation
We have developed our own approach to multilingual translation. We take into account all possible aspects of multilingual project implementation, based on the needs of our customers, and we consistently provide localized products of the highest quality.
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Software Localization
We perform various types of SW localization: from simple mobile applications to operating systems and ERP. Because we offer a full localization work cycle, the final product is always completely ready for distribution.
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Website Localization
We can help you with both full and partial localization of your website, depending on your needs. In addition to translation of the website interface and content, we also offer SEO adaptation (selection of keywords, metadata and service information translation), multimedia localization and sociocultural adaptation.
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Terminology Services
We carry out a full range of terminology services, including writing, editing and support for terminological dictionaries of specific products and product lines, which enables us to avoid possible problems with technical terminology and terms with multiple meanings.
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Independent Expert Evaluation of Translation Quality
We provide services for the evaluation of translations completed by other companies. At the end of project completion, we present our clients with a formal report, which includes measured parameters derived from the number and severity of errors.
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Style Guide Development
We offer services for the development of style guides that take into account the target audience, cultural characteristics, specifics of projects and the customer’s preferences.
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Marketing Projects
We have extensive experience, backed by highly professional specialists and native speakers who work in the marketing field. Logrus retains its own in-house designers, copywriters, and programmers, which allows us to offer our clients a more complete set of services; this ranges from concept development to marketing campaign support for specific markets.
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Multimedia Localization
We offer localization services for all types of media: presentations, flash catalogs, videos, trailers, online courses, and many others.
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Multi-language Audio Recording
We provide high-quality audio recordings by native speakers for the localization of video, multimedia, and computer games at our professional, in-house recording studio, as well as at the studios of our partners worldwide.
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Linguistic Testing
We offer comprehensive pre-release linguistic testing of computer software, applications and computer games to ensure flawless localization quality of the final product.
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Agile Localization
We are successfully implementing the so-called agile technique, which means that multiple-language localization and testing is conducted in tandem with development, thus allowing the localized versions of software products and the original version to enter the market simultaneously.
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